The Emergency Voice Communication system can be used as an effective Refuge Call System and/or Fire Telephone system. EVCS is a fixed, secure, bi-directional fully duplex voice communication system to assist the disabled and fire fighters in high rise buildings or large sites where radio communication may be difficult. Its distributed loop architecture provides a competitive system for systems from 8 to 256 communication points as well as multiple control locations. This is the wall mounted option. The Master Handset operates as a system exchange from which calls from individual outstations may be answered or dialled direct using its reference number or selected from a calling directory stored in the unit. Control of EVCS is simplicity itself, the master handset has a clear, four line backlit display which shows the calling outstation name in plain text. Calls can be made to outstations by either dialling the number of the unit, or choosing the name from a textdialling directory, with conference calling possible.
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